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Our vision is to be the world's most inclusive and friendly entertainment and event business.


To entertain, inspire and encourage social change in Nova Scotia through the power of entertainment, while putting Down syndrome at the heart of its business, by "the most talented performers ever" that make PLANET*21 the world's most inclusive business.

Our Story

Will has always been drawn to helping people through advocacy and empowering others to tell their stories. No stranger to making change, advocating, and leading - Will Brewer, your Event Planner made history on July 1st, 2018 when he became the first town crier with Down syndrome in Canada. During the first year of the pandemic, he became president of the Mount Saint Vincent University Student Union. He leads as Advocacy President/Chair for the Halifax Nova Scotia Down Syndrome Society Advocates Committee (HNSDSS).

He launched PLANET*21 on February 11, 2023. PLANET*21 puts social change and Down syndrome at the heart of its business. From ribbon-cutting to public speaking, to live performances, poetry readings, dancing, fashion shows, movies, and singing "by the most talented performers ever."

As a person with Down syndrome, Will wants the opportunity to collaborate with other people with Down syndrome without segregation. PLANET*21 was born while working with Team Possibles through the Halifax Nova Scotia Down syndrome Society. PLANET*21 is creating opportunities to promote the work of Will's peers to create employment opportunities and social change. PLANET*21 provides event planning, interviews with your host Will, and public speaking including town crier and speeches,

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